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With Arthur, you can have it all.

You’re in a class of your own. And you deserve the very best-in-class concierge services for your one-of-a-kind lifestyle. It all starts with Arthur. Arthur is a modern and exclusive concierge company that is reinventing lifestyle and travel management. Contrary to traditional concierge clubs, Arthur leverages the power of technology and an interconnected world to offer end-to-end concierge services for all your needs.

Whether you are looking for exclusive, high-end experiences or help for any work or household task, our team of concierge professionals proactively locate and curate the right professionals so that you can spend more quality time with the ones you love.

Our clients speak for us

  • Need inspiration, fantasy, exclusivity for a range of services for both daily and exceptional moments? Using Arthur Majordome is a winning solution.

    FRANCOISE BERTRANDChairperson - Legion Of Honor
  • I am extremely impressed with the service offered by Arthur Majordome. The service is simple and easy, I recommend everyone to get to know the company.

  • Arthur Majordome really made my life easier! It’s like an executive personal assistant. Recently, when organizing a retreat with my group of CEOs, we were having availability issues and didn't have time to coordinate everything. After expressing our needs, they very quickly found what we were looking for and more; a turnkey service!

  • Arthur Majordome has allowed me, despite my unpredictable and busy schedule as a young entrepreneur, to repeatedly experience fabulous getaways. Arthur is a highly qualified human team, affiliated with a vast network of partners dedicated to bringing exceptional sensations to life. Thank you!


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