Artist of the Month: Keven Saint-Claire

26 November 2020

Keven Saint-Claire, « In the Mood for Love », 2020, Serigraphy, 24 x 24"

Originally from the Laurentian region, Keven Saint-Claire first studied Cinema, then Art History. These two fields of study had a great influence on his work as an artist, both in terms of the composition of his work, and in his reflection on them with the aim of creating a sought-after art of quality. Opting for a very academic representation of his characters, he chooses to illustrate them in black and white to emphasize the photographic aspect. A way of his own to keep a nostalgic touch from a certain era, when color pictures did not exist yet.

The dichotomy is always at the center of his work. Having an interest in symbols and their various meanings, he likes to put them in opposition with the way they are represented, thus creating subjective works, uniquely perceived by everyone. Keven Saint-Claire’s universe is a world that combines beauty, pleasure, vice and contrast. All while initiating a reflection on the human soul.

“In the Mood for Love” is his very first edition work. The 25 copies are numbered and signed by the artist.

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