A math tutor

The new reality of a student’s online math lessons does not provide the support they need to succeed. We hired a retired math teacher with a big heart and who looks attentively after their interests. We set up a first meeting online and the family soon realized that it was the right person to support the child’s education and allow the parents to focus on their telecommuting with peace of mind. Today, we are happy to learn that the student has had a significant improvement and is much more comfortable with that school subject. For Arthur, that kind of news is like an A + on our report card!

50 years anniversary in a global pandemic

We loved working on this project because we had to deal with one more restriction – we are in a pandemic! We had to deal with the color code of the area and have a plan B and C in case of sanitary restrictions changes. We would have hosted the event at their main residence ideally, but it was too risky and we had to follow the sanitary guidelines. We finally opted for an ultra select and private location to receive the member’s best friends for an evening focused on wine tasting and a dining experience worthy of the world’s top restaurants – thanks to our contact list – we succeeded in finding one of Canada’s best chefs who curated the tasting menu with wine pairing. A successful celebration, making the guests forget that the sanitary restrictions had been respected from start to finish.

The perfect chalet to spend the summer in Quebec

Let’s face it, Arthur was not the only one looking for the perfect cottage to make the most of a summer without leaving Quebec. The mission was to find a cottage for the family and their pets, not too far from Montreal, but just enough to feel far away. Mission accomplished, they have decided to rent it again for the upcoming ski season!

The perfect apartment for son’s studies

A teenager leaving the family house for studies abroad is always a time that brings its share of emotions and stress. The family asked us to help them find their son the perfect apartment in a major Canadian city. The apartment had to meet well-established criteria and appeal to the parents (and their budget) and be “cool” enough for the student. We got the ball rolling and came up with a selection of four apartments that met everyone’s criteria. We even got a winning selfie of the young student loving his new apartment, ready to perform at his new university!

An extraordinary corporate retreat

When planning corporate retreats and events, so many details are involved that a few are often overlooked, making things disorganized or worse – repetitive. In these cases, we come to provide crucial help to the assistants of the presidents, members of Arthur Majordome, to help them break the routine by exploring different avenues: new restaurants and culinary experiences, innovative locations, transport coordination -chartered or commercial-, and memorable teambuilding activities. For this mandate, we had to take care of the entire corporate retreat, including flights, hotels, activities and clients entertainment for a member, owner of a start-up business. Our creative minds have succeeded in planning and organizing a trip to New York by offering surprising and innovative alternatives to get away from the clichés of the Big Apple. We really had a lot of fun showing New York in a whole new light to this member who loves new and exclusive experiences.

A holistic experience in Tulum

One of our members wanted to live a unique experience and find a way to disconnect from his daily life, surrounded by his closest friends. We orchestrated, with the help of our contacts and partners in that region, a VIP and completely “holistic” experience. A short chakra realignment session at a high-end spa, guided by a local Mayan shaman, reservations in a mystical villa in the heart of the jungle, followed by a sensorial relaxation experience in a resort on the beach, accompanied by exclusive access and surprises throughout the stay.

Get a reservation in a sold-out restaurant

It is the kind of little extra that makes our reputation here and internationally, and that our members truly appreciate. Our client wanted a spot in a starred restaurant and, after calling herself the first time and finding that it was not possible, she handed it over to our team. We managed to get her a reservation at the time she wanted, as if by magic! Now she no longer has to worry, now she calls us first! Of course, when it is really not possible, we suggest comparable options, but never without first asking the Maitre D to pull out his hammer and build us a table … Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A romantic weekend getaway

We cherish this type of request because we love to be the accomplice of thoughtful attention between lovers! #ArthurAime ! One of our members wanted a weekend of relaxation with her husband who was negotiating a business deal that was not relaxing at all. We managed to find them the perfect room – threw in a little upgrade in the process – and a romantic evening at the hotel restaurant. We were happy to receive a message from the satisfied member on Monday morning telling us that his spouse really liked the surprise and was ready to attack the week ahead!

The final touches to a family chalet construction

We had the mandate to find the best team of designers, respecting the style of our members, for the final touch on the new construction of their dream family chalet. With a very short deadline, we went through our contact list to find the firm whose style matches the personality of our clients, and schedule a videoconference in less than 24 hours with the happy family.

A memorable ski trip

Our mission was to plan a ski trip in Europe for the entire season, which begins in a few weeks. Our members wanted to discover several ski mountains and have a complete itinerary of hotels and restaurants to try, while being made aware of the health and safety regulations of the different regions. We therefore offered them an itinerary according to their wishes and planned a few little surprises, Arthur Majordome’s signature, that they will discover along their trip.

A Wedding Anniversary in a time of global pandemic

Certainly one of the requests we had the most fun with was to organize a wedding anniversary in the midst of a global pandemic. Obviously, we had to follow the public health guidelines, but we also wanted to create a “wow” effect. We privatized the dining room of the couple’s favorite restaurant and had the chef prepare a tasting menu of all their favorite dishes. A great achievement that reminds us that love is most contagious!