Your team

CEO & Founder

William Gingras

William founded Arthur Majordome with the intent of creating a dynamic ecosystem led by the best concierges on the planet, in order to meet the needs of ambitious, professional and exclusive clients. He came up with this idea after meeting several leaders from different backgrounds and realizing that the lack of time was the hallmark of these builders of the present and the future. He wanted to create a solution that would correct this aspect while fulfilling the intrinsic desire to live unique experiences and to have access to the power of human interactions, often overlooked in the digital age, and even more with the current global context. This is how an exclusive concierge club came to life, completely different from what we find on the market, establishing its foundations on the complicity between humans and advanced technologies in order to enhance the members' life experience as much as possible.

Platine & Elite

Naïm Guessous

Naïm has been honing his skills as a concierge over the years by working in some of the finest hotels that Montreal has to offer. His work in the hotel industry has allowed him to exercise his attention to details while assisting guests. He is also recognized for consistently surpassing the expectations of those he assists no matter how big or small the request. Over this time Naïm has acquired an extensive network all over Montreal to assure that you get what you want when you want it.

Joining Arthur Majordome is the next phase of Naïm’s career and he is eager to be a part of the team that shares the same vision of pushing luxury service to new heights.

The objective is to build relationships with the Arthur Majordome members, and provide a bespoke experience, whether it be a personal or professional environment.

Advisor Exclusive

Élodie Corneau Duperré

Élodie began her experience as a concierge in a renowned 5-star boutique hotel in Montreal, where she was able to develop her skills to serve a very exclusive clientele and thus meet high standards. His years of experience organizing events also give her rigor at work and the ability to work under pressure in order to deliver a unique experience within sometimes tight deadlines. She is distinguished by her attention to detail and her desire to take care of others, she will work to the limit of possible to meet the demands of her clients.

Currently in the process of completing her MBA, she is passionate about innovation, marketing and gastronomy, she enjoys keeping abreast of the latest trends in the industry and discovering new things before anyone else.

It is with enthusiasm that Élodie joins the Arthur Butler team to combine her passion for the luxury industry with her desire to create wow moments in the lives of her clients.

Exclusif & Platinum Advisor

Mathilde Guichard

Mathilde has always been passionate about discovering new cultures and traveling. She has worked on different islands in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean as well as the Pacific Ocean. Her various experiences around the world in the luxury hotel industry as a guest relations agent, wedding planner and concierge, have enabled her to acquire a vast network of contacts. Passionate about the concierge, she likes to surprise and exceed the expectations of her clients. "Impossible" is a word that is not part of her vocabulary! Ready for new challenges, Mathilde is enthusiastic about joining Arthur Majordome's team to contribute to the happiness of her customers by delivering a personalized service.

Membership & Qualification

Ainsley Van der Sluys

Ainsley was raised knowing travel and fine arts was considered a valuable part of her education, and she has enjoyed a host of experiences from around the world. Through these experiences, she has nurtured a keen interest in the world of art, entertainment and hospitality, which has become the perfect complement to her growing business acumen. Professionally, she has become unapologetically obsessed with the quality of what she delivers in business. Her insatiable curiosity drives her to better understand one thing about people: What makes them successful? She believes Arthur Majordome provides the experience that answers this question. Ainsley is strategically positioned to bring her standard of excellence to Arthur, and it is with delight and excitement that she joins our team. She strives to bring her unique vision and special brand of creative know-how to deliver the promise of a highly tailored bespoke experience.