Your team

President and founder

William Gingras

William founded Arthur Majordome with the intent of creating a dynamic ecosystem led by the best concierges on the planet, in order to meet the needs of ambitious, professional and exclusive clients. He came up with this idea after meeting several leaders from different backgrounds and realizing that the lack of time was the hallmark of these builders of the present and the future. He wanted to create a solution that would correct this aspect while fulfilling the intrinsic desire to live unique experiences and to have access to the power of human interactions, often overlooked in the digital age, and even more with the current global context. This is how an exclusive concierge club came to life, completely different from what we find on the market, establishing its foundations on the complicity between humans and advanced technologies in order to enhance the members' life experience as much as possible.

Platinum & Elite Consultant

Mathilde Guichard

Mathilde has always been passionate about discovering new cultures and traveling. She has worked on different islands in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean as well as the Pacific Ocean. Her various experiences around the world in the luxury hotel industry as a guest relations agent, wedding planner and concierge, have enabled her to acquire a vast network of contacts. Passionate about the concierge, she likes to surprise and exceed the expectations of her clients. "Impossible" is a word that is not part of her vocabulary! Ready for new challenges, Mathilde is enthusiastic about joining Arthur Majordome's team to contribute to the happiness of her customers by delivering a personalized service.

Exclusive & Elite Advisor

Shaoli Piché

Graduated from the ITHQ, Shaoli has worked in several renowned restaurants in Montreal in service and as a Maître d'hôtel. Her passion for catering and hospitality makes her an expert advisor to organize and book an evening beyond your expectations. Her network of contacts has thus developed and now allows us to suggest the most unusual places in the city. Travelling is living!  It is in this philosophy that Shaoli brings its customers to live extraordinary experiences and to make them explore new destinations.

Membership & Qualification Advisor

Véronique Gilbert

Véronique joined Arthur Majordome's team in the spirit of providing concierge services on a human scale. Graduated from the ITHQ in Tourism Management and having worked as Head Concierge of a renowned Montreal boutique hotel, Véronique is driven by the philosophy of excellence. Epicurean, passionate about hotels, restaurants, and travel, she knows how to make any moment unforgettable. Her attentiveness, her benevolence, her sense of detail, her thoughtfulness, and humor will know how to charm you and will allow you to take your projects from ordinary to extraordinary.