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Need help managing small everyday task ?

Arthur is here for that! Subscribe and enjoy a service that lives up to your lifestyle! Let him take care of things you never have time to do that ruin your peace of mind. Do you need recommendations for restaurants around the world, idyllic hotels or find the best professionals and technicians for a specific task in your city? That's what Arthur can do for you. Instead, focus on the rest. Live, work, take time with your loved ones.


Our services

Your events


Do you want to organize a corporate or personal event? Do you need to find a room, hire a band, select a menu or even delegate the organization? Don't stress for it ! Our exclusive affiliation to the best companies in the industry will allow you to get an event that meets your most demanding expectations.

Your travels and your escapades


Going on a trip or a short getaway, it feels good! But yes it takes time to organize and shop. Do not worry anymore to go on vacation! Give us the task of offering you destinations, flights, packages, hotels ... Then let us book everything for you all over the world. For your pleasure or business.

Your home services


Need help at home? Whether it's finding a housekeeper, a babysitter, a home improvement company or a turnkey service for your lawn and pool, our team can do it for you. Rely on us to search our list to find you the perfect person and leave your home in good hands.

Your transport here and anywhere


Looking for someone to bring you to the airport or to drive your guests? Our team can organize a car service. Prefer to rent a car or take the train? No problem, we take care of it too! Commercial, luxury or recreational cars, bus tickets, train tickets ... Let us predict the means of transport that you want, here or elsewhere.

Your experiences and activities


The weekend is approaching and you wonder what to do? Tell us what you prefer and your different criteria and let us propose and book for you several activities and experiences for you and your loved ones. In Montreal or elsewhere, have fun and have a good time with our advice.

Your cultural and sporting entertainment


Want to see your favorite artist's show, a hockey game or a play? Trust us to try the impossible and find you the best tickets! Our team can find you places for cultural or sports events around the world. Enjoy, sometimes, exclusive pre-sales!

Your restaurant reservations


Between meetings, office and home, it's easy to forget to book the restaurant. Free your mind and delegate this task to Arthur. Ask us to book or suggest restaurants based on your criteria, anywhere in the world. In Montreal, enjoy a great flexibility of reservation thanks to our affiliation with several restaurateurs.

Additional services


Do you have other types of needs that are not listed in our list of services? Let us know! Make an appointment for your haircut, find a walk service for your dog, find a rare gift ... Whatever can lighten your work and your life, we are ready to do it. Impossible is not part of our vocabulary.


Because you have the right to breathe and be more productive without overburdening yourself with work. And this, in a simple and accessible way.

Increase your productivity

Delegate tasks that take away energy and save time! Concentrate on what you like to do. No more thousand and one reminders ... Or even forgetfulness.

Save time and get peace of mind

With our all-inclusive service, tell us about your needs and delegate us tasks. Trust us to lighten your spirit and your daily life.

Access multiple quality resources

With Arthur, have access to a network of contacts and partners. Find many resources to meet your different needs and help you stay productive.

Subscribe for the year

Subscribe for the Prestigious or Corporate subscriptions and use all our services all year, whenever you want, the number of times you want.


Essential Package

This package gives you the opportunity to use the service 25 times during the year, as you want, and whenever you want. It allows you to have a personal assistant when you need it and gives you a great flexibility in the use you want to make.

Prestige Package

This package gives you unparalleled latitude by giving you access to your personal assistant at any time, without worrying about the number of annual requests. It also gives you access to several exclusives reserved for Prestige customers.

Corporate Package

This package is offered to companies that want to offer the use of a personal assistant to senior executives to focus on what is important. Like the Prestige package, it also gives access to several exclusives that enhance the experience.



Our offices are located in Montreal, but you can subscribe from anywhere in Quebec and use our services wherever you need them in the world.


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